Rollerblading Sydney - Learn to rollerblade / inline skate in Sydney, Australia. We provide rollerblades for hire, lessons, tours and much more.
 Rollerblading & Rollerskating Lessons in Sydney

When? We run lessons by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays!
We run private lessons because they are safer with less cancellations and you learn more quickly.
Send us an online booking request HERE and a text message in this format.

"Hi my name is <first name .. last name>. I'd like to enquire about a 1hr inline skate <intermediate> SYDNEY LESSON . I have my own inline skates, wrist, knee, elbow pads & helmet. Here are photos of my skates showing the heel brake and wheel wear."

Send to James O'Connor ph: +61411872022 who also runs lessons in Brisbane and via Zoom. I screen my calls due to telemarketers so a text message / Apple i-message is easiest.  Happy to also use WhatsApp if you are sending photos of skating equipment.

It is also helpful to know whether you are bringing a second participant <name>, & preference for a Saturday or Sunday 1hr lesson slot. 
We teach according to the Instructor Certification Program International (ICP) syllabus covering stopping, moving and turning.
Lessons are also available on rollerskates (quads) via our website

Past students have become involved in roller derby, social skates, competitive ramp and skatepark competitions, slalom skating competitions after lessons.
Participants agree to wear pads and helmets at all times during the lesson regardless of ability levels. Participants agree to sign a waiver accepting responsibility for their involvement in rollerblading lessons.

ABN 46911280989